Monday 4 September 2017

JK Maha's New Venture!

J.K Maha who is known as dedicated singer and lyricist will be releasing his another singles with different genre real soon.

This song which is fully a Rock alignment is all set to release and the title of the song is known as "Kovakkari" where it means as a 'hot-tempered girl' in Tamil. It is said that J K Maha has sung, written and directed this beautiful love song while Lakshmi Jill and Shirin Villanz has feat this song. As stated by him, there will be another surprise awaiting for his fans out there through this song.

Not only that, new updates and further details about this song can be obtained via his J K MahaDiamond Destiny , J K Maha Facebook Page. He strongly believes that this song will create another milestone in our Malaysian music industry. Besides, Lucburn has worked as the music director of this song.

Tara House Production's "Kovakkari" song will be releasing through 'Black Pepper Records'  YouTube channel and it is also undeniable that he  has released numbers of singles on his own which are 'Cute', 'Original T-shirt', and 'En Amma En Magal. Not only that, he also has worked as the lyricist for few songs namely 'Kalaiyatha Kathal', 'Chellam Neeyadi' and 'Wifey En Gulfie'.

In addition, he hopes that his fans will give continuous support for this "Kovakkari" singles and other upcoming songs as well.

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