Thursday 1 March 2018

At ‘K-Link’ (ACTION TEAM) women too can excel CA Santhi is an exemplary!

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Klang -
Once locked up at kitchen women, now they have been achieving success in many industries equal to men. They have transformed themselves in accordance with the changes of time.
We had an opportunity to interview a crown ambassador Santhi Subramaniam who has involved in a multi level marketing (MLM) trading and achieved one of the most prestigious level in K-Link (ACTION TEAM) marketing.

Q: About yourself ?

Santhi : I was born in a family of six in Klang district. Father passed away when I was only 11. My mother Madam Anggammal solely brought us all up. I joined K-Link as a part time agent in the year 2005 and turned fulltime in 2015 till now.

Q : What turns you into business?

Santhi : Looking at the financial status of the family, I decided to get involved in business, as I felt only by doing business, I could get sufficient money to upgrade our lifestyle. I have been in this K-Link marketing for the past 13 years.

Q : After joining K-Link, how does your lifestyle changes? Tell us about your current financial status?

Santhi : Before joining K-Link, I was working in a factory. We were living in flat house. After joined K-Link, I have bought a double storey house and 3 cars. I could see a tremendous change in my financial status. K-Link has been a source for me to travel to overseas several times.

Q : What do you like say to women?

Santhi : Women need to be courageous to excel in anything they participate. As per the saying “ women are the eyes of a country” a woman’s sacrifice is not only needed at home but to the country as well.  Women should join K-Link and if they dare , they will definitely succeed.

Q : The people who were behind your success story?

Santhi : First and foremost, Dato Dr Darren Goh has been very supportive. He is an excellent advisor too. Next is CA Krishnan who is very actively involved in K-Link (ACTION TEAM) with me. Further in the list are Emeralds Suthashini, Puspavalli, Sivabakkiam, Somasundram, Thanaseelan and Durga,

Q : What is your achievement ?

Santhi : Being one of the only two Indian womens who emerged as Crown Ambassador in K-Link Malaysia itself is a great achievement.

Q : What do you like to say about K-Link?

Santhi : Success is assured if we are united.

Q : If others interested to join in K-Link (ACTION TEAM) means how to contact you?

Santhi : Via my contact number 016-348 8048 (Santhi) or office address

K-link international
Health and wealth life style
Sri Andalas Centre,
43B jln Sri Sarawak 20A/ KS2,
Tmn Sri Andalas Klang 41200. Selangor.

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