Friday 4 August 2017

NGOs deciding GE14 M.I.C. candidates? Will Dr Subra get into action?

Kuala Lumpur-
As nation’s GE 14 is expected to be held soon, candidate issue is the hottest topic most discussed at the moment.

Name of the candidates who will be contesting, in which parliament seat and which party will be given the seat are the most discussed and debated issues.

At this juncture, being a coalition party in barisan nasional, M.I.C. candidate list is closely watched by the Indian voters.

M.I.C is expected to be contesting in 9 parliament seats and 19 state assembly seats. While tension is in rise in the candidate list, the party is facing a new problem.

N.G.Os are now busy suggesting candidates who should be contesting. These organizations are giving pressure to the party by saying that they will support a particular leader if he or she will be announced as a candidate in GE14. This matter is becoming a bigger issue to M.I.C.  

Further to this , the NGOs are motivation their favorite leaders to contest in the parliament or state assembly seats by assuring them their support. These assurance are turning these leaders to imagine themselves being the candidate. 

NGOs have strengthen their position to the extend of nominating their favorite leaders as M.I.C candidate. This clearly reflects the weekness of M.I.C.  

M.I.C is actually struggling to prove that it is the sole Indian representative in the ruling alliance. To make the matters worst, the NGOs interference in the candidate naming is projectin a negative image of the party. Will the party president Dato sri Dr S. Subra get into action to solve this issue or allow the NGOs continue to meddle in the party’s matter. 

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