Saturday 5 August 2017

Coordinator nomination to overcome myPPP ?

Cameron Highland –
Political observers are in the opinion that M.I.C has nominated a coordinatior in Cameron Highland mainly to overcome the influence of myPPP which has been working in the ground to gain the support of the locals.

It has been over a year, myPPP president Tan Sri M Kayveas and his team has got down to the field to serve the constituents. This creates a speculation that Tan Sri Kayveas will be field as a BN candidate in the coming GE14. 

In the year 2004, M.I.C was first offered to contest in Cameron Highland parliament seat where Dato Sri S.K Davamani contested and won the seat. He stood and won the seat again in 2008 but was replaced by Dato Sri G.Palanivel in the year 2013.

Due to MIC internal issue, Dato Sri G.Palanivel was sacked from the party and declared as an independent MP in 2015.  

Since Cameron highland became an independent constituent, Tan Sri M. Kayveas decided to take opportunity of the situation and get into action. Due to his service activities, it is much speculated that he will be announced as a BN candidate in the coming GE 14. Unable to accept this fact, M.I.C has recently nominated its youth wing president Dato C. Sivaraaj as its coordinator for Cameron Highland. 

This recent activity is seen as an action to safe guard Cameron Highland as a M.I.C constituency and prevent myPPP from contesting.

Political observers are of the opinion that this should have been done much earlier. But progressive plans need to be implemented to achieve a positive result.

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