Friday 11 August 2017

‘Hi-tea with Leaders’

Bhaaratham  e-media is formed to bring innovation and transformation in electronic media industry and Malaysian Indians.To establish its vision Bhaaratham is set to travel in a new dimension soon.

For a start we will be introducing a new segment entitled “Hi-tea with Leaders” which will be conducting interviews with the Malaysian Indian leaders from various organizations.

Currently there are a large number of leaders in the country. Previously only leaders from political parties who hold the key posts will be considered as leaders. But the trend has changed. Representatives from school organizations, temples, NGOs are too recognized as leaders. 

To change the perception that the medias would only prefer the leaders hold key position, Bhaaratham plans to introduce this new column to create space for those who wish to serve the people in their own way.

This segment will include national political arena, economy, Indian community transformation plan and related fields.

We are pleased to inform that the segment will not only focus on the opinions of key post holders but spread its wings to ‘ followers’ who are keen to serve the community. This segment will recognize the efforts of all who serve the community.  

Editor in Chief,
Bhaaratham e-media

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