Monday 2 October 2017

'Small Traders' businesses being affected - Unhappy Traders

Kuala Lumpur Okt1-
Small and medium entreprises (SME) Traders are currently looking for some extra income during the upcoming Deepavali festive season. The traders stated that they are facing hard time in trading their goods on normal days and they only managed to earn the expected income during the festive seasons besides from trading in night markets.

     It is undeniable that trading during Deepavali season help them to develop and increase their business while it is being a great platform for the traders to expand their product offerings.

      Though it is known as the correct time to trade their goods, the small traders expressed their unhappiness and dissatisfaction towards act of some authorities who keep filing multiple unnecessary reports to the government against them. As claimed by one of the affected trader, their business has also dropped by 50 to 60% and they hope that the authorities will look into their grievances seriously.

     The traders generating their income by selling necessary goods used during this festive season such as textiles, biscuits and decorative accessories. Meanwhile, they also stated that, they are facing challenges even though the goods are being selling off for reasonable prices based on customer's needs and  the Goods and Services Tax (GST) as well as income tax are being paid accordingly.

     Their businesses also are being affected with the visit of some officers in charge as it makes the customers to think twice before purchasing with them. Lastly, the traders hope that the relevant authorities will look into matter seriously and give a solution to overcome this problems as soon as possible. 

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