Monday 26 June 2017

Who will be the next ‘M.I.C’ senator?

Kuala Lumpur –
The hot discussion among M.I.C. members now is who will fill the senator seat which is still vacant.

As of June 22nd, the terms of the senator posts held by M.I.C vice president Datuk Sri S.A.Vickneswaran and Pahang M.I.C president Dato R.Gunasegaran ended.

Datuk Sri Vicknesawaran was sworn in as Dewan Negara senator for a second term and reappointed as the senate president. As Dato Gunasegaran’s term is not extended, the post is vacant currently.

A big question is who will fill in this post? It is understood that five leaders names are being considered. M.I.C. secretary general Dato A. Sakthivel, M.I.C treasurer Datuk Sri S.Velpari, M.I.C vice president Dato T.Mohan, M.I.C youth division president Dato C. Sivaraaj, M.I.C women division head Dato Mohana Muniandy are the five leaders being considered to fill the post. It is believed that the highly anticipated candidate name will be known in a few days.

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