Thursday 22 June 2017

Ready to face the constituents as a B.N. candidate - Yogendra Balan

Sungai Siput –
“I am preparing myself to stand as a Barisan Nasional candidate at Sungai Siput parliament constituency in the 14th general election,” said the young entrepreneur, Yogendra Balan.

Since the Barisan Nasional candidates were defeated in the past two elections, the people have been facing numerous challenges and troubles.

The constituents are in need of a people representative who would be able to find an amicable solution for their issues without delay.

As he is constantly consulted for the locals’ issues, Yogendra Balan is confident that if he is elected as a parliament member, he could contribute more.

Yogendra Balan stressed that he has no political ambition. However, he feels that he could serve better as a Barisan Nasional candidate.

Since he is a friendly face to the locals, he hopes that he will be given an opportunity to stand as a Barisan Nasional candidate in the GE 14.


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