Wednesday 29 November 2017

'Villavan - The Vigilante' Ready To Hit the Cinemas Soon

     'Villavan - The Vigilante', the first Tamil movie produced by GVKM elephant Pictures will be releasing soon in nearby theatres. This film is a reality based action movie which revolves around a superhero type of story directed by director Vaasan. Dato Seri Vinod, newly introduced actor,  who is also known as one of the producer of this movie will be playing the lead role together with Sangeetha Krishnasamy, who won the best actress category  award recently.

    Recently, a grand audio launch of this movie was held at NU Sentral. All the songs of this movie turned out very well with amazing musics from music director Sha. It is known that Ashwein Chakkravarthy worked as the lyricist for the wonderful song 'Podu Sakka Podu' whereas South India's one of the best playback singer Karthik has sung this song. Not only that,  Ashwein Chakkravarthy also had written the lyrics for the songs 'Unnai Naane' and 'O Zoriya' from this movie. This movie is consists of five amazing songs where the entire team strongly believe that these wonderful songs will play a crucial role for the success of this movie. Furthermore, it is undeniable that our local  singers had collaborated together with South India's playback singers and made the songs sound more mesmerizing with their magical voices. Among those singers and lyricists who has worked in this movie are Shweta Mohan, Suchith Suresan, Mathanakumar, Swarna Deepan, Thinesh Sivanyanam, Sha Zovve, La Ittigasarz, Hyde Karty, Avathara, Aneithazef, YJR, Param Sivanyanam, Indiran Shanmugam and Meerlyn and Nassav.

       The crew has contributed their full effort and made it easier for the public to purchase the songs of this movie easily via YouTube and Online Play store. In order to make the songs to reach the public easily especially the younger generation, the production crew is playing their major role in social media by actively updating statuses regarding the songs and information about the movie 'Villavan' to make it viral in the social medias.

      As stated by the production crew during the press meet recently, they mentioned that one of the best part about the movie was they had used hi tech modern cameras in this movie which has never been used in our local movies before. Director Vasan proclaimed that golden opportunities were given to the new comers and talented artists to be a part in this movie.

     'Villavan' movie fully filmed with different genre of story while all the technical part of this movie was completed and all set for screening in the big screen soon. The production team and the movie producer Dato Seri Mohana Sundaram give assurance that, 'Villavan - The Vigilante ' will give a wonderful eye treat for the audience.

For more information and updates about the movie kindly click the link stated below to direct yourself to their official facebook page :

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