Thursday 16 November 2017

Curative without medicines - Datin Dr.S.Rajeswari

    The use of medicines  and supplements has increased tremendously over the past three decades with not less than 80% of people worldwide relying on them for some part of primary healthcare. Unfortunately most of us fail to realize that  unhealthy eating habit and lack of exercises are slowly leading us to addict to the medicines in order to survive.

    Datin Dr.S.Rajeswari, who was originated from small town in Malacca and graduated from Malacca Manipal Medical College, had her medical training in several hospitals and did her Masters in Internal medicine in Royal College Of Physician Ireland. Currently Datin Dr.Rajeswari is running a CosMed's Specialist Clinic which is located at Jalan Tengah Cheras Selatan 118 , Batu 9 Cheras.

    Not only that, she also has ventured into aesthetic by taking up an Aesthetic Masters Course in UCSI.She  became a member in American Association of Aesthetic Medicine.  She incorporates inner and outer beauty to give her customers an excellent rejuvenation. She proudly stated in an Interview with 'Bhaaratham' Online media news recently that she is being supported by her husband, Dato’Dr.S.Ravi Subramanian, Consultant Nephrologist & Physician in Putra Specialist Hospital Malacca. It is undeniable that her success in her career has been recognized internationally and it was the moment where she received numbers of certificates from many countries all over the world for her excellence in this medical industry.

    As proclaimed by Datin Dr. Rajeswari, due to heavy workloads, many failed to take their meal on time and prefer dining out due to time constraints. Most foods that are served in restaurants contain high amounts of fat and calories, and they can be detrimental to our health if they are consumed on a regular basis. Most are not aware that all these are leading us for many diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac problems and spinal disease. She stated that it is possible to cure these diseases without any medications or injections as all these can be treated by monitoring the oxygen level by calculating the pulse rate. Besides all these, eating more healthy diet food and practising regular exercise will prevent from diseases and it will keep us stay young and healthy, says Datin Dr. Rajeswari.

     She stated that it is her primary responsibility to give solution to these problems as nowadays many people are dying due to diabetes and heart attacks at very young ages as early as 20 years old. In order to give a solution to these problems, she had imported modern medical equipments which costs hundred thousands of ringgit from America to her clinic and successfully treating many patients. Deadly diseases also can be cured with the treatments given in this clinic. Besides, she also successfully treating many people even those who are unable to walk due to paralysis. Not only that, fertility treatment and heart block treatments are also  available in this clinic. It is known that many have been benefited from the treatments obtained from this clinic.

     In this current era, males are equally giving more importance to their physical appearance as females do. Among the services available in this CosMed's Specialist Clinic are medical anti aging, medical stem cell, hair formula, health formula, fitness & weight management, EECP (External Counterpulsation Therapy) and many more.

     Moreover, Datin Dr.Rajeswari also consistently providing a quality treatment to all category people including royal family, country's important personalities, celebrities and also public who are in need of her consultation and treatment. She enunciated that all the treatments are available with reasonable price according to the patients' affordability. For further information about the treatment without medication and beauty tips, public are requested to visit or websites. For urgent needs, call them at 012-7286784 for immediate response.

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