Tuesday 22 August 2017

‘Vettai Karuppar Ayya’ movie waiting to haunt the theatres

DCinema proudly releasing one of the most awaited movie produced by  Black Hunters GK. Though there were numbers of horror and devotional movies has been released previously, this movie will be a special movie as it is known as the first Malaysian Tamil horror and devotional movie which will be releasing in the big screen  from 24th of August onwards.’Vettai Karuppar Ayya’ movie will be screening in 16 selected theatres.

This horror thriller movie was produced by GK whereas it has been written and directed by Amigoz Sugu. GK and Veera are playing the lead role in this movie. Not only that, Agondheran, Nanba Vijay, Alagendra, comedy actor Sam, Andy, Raja Suriya, Praba@Amaran, Arun, Vinoth, R.V.Sekhar, Gayathri and many more played a role in this movie.

The entire team believes that this movie will get the full support from the public and will be a huge success. The movie’s producer and actor GK requesting public  to watch this movie in the nearby theatres. It is known that  Amigoz Sugu has been the director and music director of this movie.

Furthermore, according to the producer GK, his main intention of producing this genre of movie is to spread about the power of lord ‘vettai Karuppar Ayya’ to the public. As a devotee of vettai karuppar ayya, he wishes to dedicate this devotional movie to his devotees out there and hopes that vettai karuppar ayya will shower his blessings upon everyone.

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