Saturday 19 August 2017

M.I.C’s aim is to win back the lost seats

Win back the lost seats is the State M.I.C’s main goal. To achieve this goal, the party has initiated various activities. Envy seeing the progress, the opposition parties have started their dirty political game. They are exaggerating the change of voting constituency matter, said Perak menteri besar special advisor Dato V Elango.

Dato V Elango explains his stand and the party’s goal to Bhaaratham e-media in the Hi-tea with Leaders segment.

Q: Being an advisor to Perak Menteri Besar,what are the challenges do you face?

A: Being an advisor for Indian related issues is not an easy task. There are about 320,000 indians in this state. Definitely the number of issues is also large. The state has 134 tamil schools, more than 700 temples, around 2000 organisations. I am in a position to ensure the smooth development of these bodies as I too have the obligation to develop the Indian community.

Q: What are the issues faced by the Indians of this state?

A: The primary issue face by the Indians in this state is residential land matter. Especially, the Buntong residents are facing this issue for a very long period. To find an amicable solution, agreements have been issued to 170 families.

Further to this, some families have been offer flat houses in Ipoh City. Apart from the land matter, many Indians also face job related issues.  We have been working seriously on this matter. Many job opportunities have been created in public and private sectors.

Perak has the most number of tamil schools in the country. As there are 135 schools, many issues like new building, restructure, change of place had been there always. We are tirelessly working on these issues.

I have never hesitated in bringing forward the Indian issues to the mentri besar’s attention. Some matters couldn’t be solved in a short period. But we have not at any time step back in solving the matters. 

Q: Being the state M.I.C, president, what are strategies have you planned to face the coming 14th GE?

A: M.I.C candidates had lost their state assembly seats in the past two general election. Due to this, our representation in the state government has been missing. We are currently planning and implementing various activites with the aim of winning back the seats in the next general election. 

We are intensively doing activities at Hutan Melintang and Sungkai Constituencies. The chances to win back these seats are very bright. At the same time, we are also concentrating in Buntong. M.I.C leaders are striving hard to gain the Indian voters support.

Q: What do you say about the accuses that Hutan Melintang Adun S.Kesavan lamenting on you?

A: Hutan Melintang Adun S.Kesavan’s allegation against me is a baseless accusation. Change of voting constitution is within the Election commission’s right. The changes were made according the law. But Kesavan has been exaggerating it as a criminal act.

It is norm to change the voting constituency. He is trying to potray it as an activity only done by BN and M.I.C.  Don’t tell me that opposing didn’t change their voting constituency before? Kesavan should stop politicking every single activity.

With regards to this matter, State mentri besar has explained clearly. My duity is to ensure the constituency’s development. Nothing else. 

 Q: Are you contesting in Hutan Mlintang? It is said that you changed your voting constituency for that purpose?

A: Only Barisan Nasional and M.I.C leadership will decide the candidate for Hutan Melintang.  Traditionally it is a M.I.C. seat. I have the responsible to the ensure the victory of BN in this seat. As I am involved in various activities here, speculations rife that I would be the ‘candidate’. No matter who contest for this seat, it is the party’s responsibility to ensure BN victory. 

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