Friday 7 July 2017

Ready to face Dr Jeyakumar’s lawsuit ! -A. Sivanesan

‘I am ready to face the lawsuit filed against me by Sungai Siput parliament member Dr Jayakumar’, said Sungkai state assembly member A.Sivanesan.

As a parliament member Dr Jayakumar has been declaring his asset details every year. In the month of May, Dr Jayakumar did declare his assets publicly.

Since I felt that the assets details declared by Dr Jayakumar is incomplete, as a citizen I have the rights to question him.

In a press statement to a tamil daily, I mentioned that his declaration is incomplete. I did not accuse him of cheating the public, said A.Sivanesan.

Dr Jayakumar called A.Sivanesan to withdraw his statement and seek apology from him publicly or else he will sue him.

But Sivanesan insisted that he did not accuse him of cheating the people but only mentioned that the declaration is incomplete.

Since Sivanesan didn’t withdraw his statement, Dr Jayakumar filed a lawsuit against him at the Ipoh High court today.

Commenting on this lawsuit, A.Sivanesan said that he is prepared to face the lawsuit . Further to this, Sivanesan is unhappy that instead of approaching him directly, Dr Jayakumar spoke about this matter with D.A.P. Perak chairman Nga Khor Ming, deputy chairman V.Sivakumar, Anthony Loke, Nge khoo ham and several others.

As both of us are people representatives, we could have discuss this matter directly and settled amicably. We both are members of the opposition, said A.Sivanesan.

Since Dr Jayakumar has filed a law suit against me, I am prepared to face it in the court where I could put up more questions to him, said the well known politician A.Sivanesan.

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